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Kyoto Style Diagonal Frame Plank Kimono Handloom

This is an example order for [Small Frame Bench-style Kimono Handloom].
It contains all the materials necessary for weaving a Kimono (cotton).
The list is composed of items such as reeds, shafts, and shuttles necessary for weaving a cotton kimono.
In the instance of a silk Kimono, a more detailed list of items would be necessary.
When weaving plain fabrics and twill, 4 shafts are used.
The warping uses the 'Drum Warping Machine'.

Support Explanation
The above example is based on the instance of basic kimono production.
It is only a standard order and can be changed with no trouble.

Changing the Shape of the Loom
The frame design, weaving width, height, back beam, number of treadles, and addition of a shuttle container box can all be adjusted to your specifications.

Number Of Shafts
The number of shafts can be between 2-6. Double shafts are also available per request.

Alterations Or Additions Of The Reed Or Wire Heddles
According to the thickness of the warp and the density of the woven fabric, the addition or alteration of reeds or wire heddles is possible in order support a variety of weaving styles.

Changing Of Weaving Tools
The gear system spool winder can be changed to a belt system or winding guide-led system. The electric bobbin winder can be changed to a bamboo bobbin winder or a tabletop bobbin winder upon request.

Addition Of A Revolution Counter To The Weaving Tools (Goko Swift, Spool Winder)
With the addition of a revolution counter you will be able to roughly measure the length of the thread. This allows you to eliminate wasted thread from the ball bobbins and frame.