This is used to weave at a uniform width. Normal temples are made with the bamboo section attached to the front, but in Kyoto (Nishijin) temples are made with the bamboo attached to the backside. The reason for this is that when the bamboo is attached to the back it will always revert to its original straight position and provide an unchanging unit of measurement rather than bending over time. The needle is especially thin and will not puncture big holes in the cloth.

[Kujira Units]       1shaku = 37.85cm       1sun = 3.785cm       1bu = 0.3785cm

All temples other than the two items below are not held in stock but can be made if ordered.

*All of the temples currently in stock are three-pronged temples.
Obi (Kimono Belt) Temple Kuzira 8sun (30.2cm) ¥1,200
Kujira 8sun 1bu (30.6cm)
Kujira 8sun 2bu (31cm)
Kujira 9sun (34cm)
Kimono Temple Kujira 9sun 5bu (35.9cm)
Kujira 9sun 6bu (36.3cm)
Kujira 9sun 7bu (36.7cm)
Kujira 9sun 8bu (37cm)
Kujira 9sun 9bu (37.4cm)
Kujira 1shaku (37.8cm)
Kujira 1shaku 1bu (38.2cm)
Kujira 1shaku 2bu (38.6cm)
Kujira 1shaku 3bu (38.9cm)
Kujira 1shaku 4bu (39.3cm)
Kujira 1shaku 5bu (39.7cm)
Kujira 1shaku 6bu (40.1cm)
Kujira 1shaku 7bu (40.4cm)
Kujira 1shaku 1sun (41.6cm)
Price tags do not include 8% sales tax.