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Please make your heddle shaft order based on the total length of the board.
Shaft Order Production_1
We cannot change the height of the heddle shaft. The height is a uniform 43cm. It supports 330mm wire heddles.

Shaft Order Production_2
The actual length will be approximately 2 cm more than the functional length.

If the functional width of the heddle shaft (the length of the board) is 50 cm then the actual width will be approximately 52cm.

*Unfortunately we are unable to refund returned goods.

Double Shaft(48cm)


There are two rods for attaching wire heddles.
This shaft is convenient if the wire heddles are dense or if there are 4 or more shafts.
They have a thickness of 1.4 cm.
These are made to order items.
They take between 3-7 days to produce.
Double Shaft (48cm)
Order Production
Price ¥4,500
Price tags do not include 8% sales tax.