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Please follow steps (1) and (2) below when ordering.

(1)Temple Material (Except For Needle) And Length Of Bamboo
When deciding the measurement of the temple please take into consideration that there will be some amount of shrinkage in the cloth when it is woven. The finished product will tend to be about kujira 4bu (about 1.5cm) shorter than the original warp width (reed hook width). [For example: If the original reed hook width is kujira 1shaku-4bu, then it will shrink to about 1shaku (using 3 needles)] Even using the same thread, the amount of shrinkage tends to be different depending on the person, so some people order different amounts depending on their personal weaving styles.

[Kujira Units]       1shaku = 37.85cm       1sun = 3.785cm       1bu = 0.3785cm

Temple Order Production_1

(2)Number Of Needles

3-prongedE4-prongedE5-pronged versions are available. The most common version is the 3-pronged version (up to 50cm).
Temple Order Production_2
*The above picture is of a 4-pronged version (L) and a 3-pronged version (R).