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Goko Swift w/Rotation Counter
Goko Swift w/Rotation Counter

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Features Used by placing the skein on the goko swift and then winding the thread using either a bobbin winder or a spool winder. The circumference of the goko swift can be freely adjusted to fit the size of the skein by shifting the cotton threads. It is also easy to dismantle. It can handle skeins of up to about 145cm.
The rotation of the skein can be adjusted by changing the weight of the brake weight.
It is easy to add or remove from the goko swift.
Details Depth : About 27.5cm
Width : About 36cm
Height : About 60cm
Maximum Skein Size : About 145cm
Contents *Goko Stand w/ Rotation Counter
*Brake Weight
*Striking Mallet
(necessary for assembly)
*Assembly Manual
Goko Swift w/ Rotation Counter
Price ¥15,400
Price tags do not include 8% sales tax.