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Flat Frame Plank Kimono Handloom
Flat Frame Plank Kimono HandloomA
Flat Frame Plank Kimono Handloom
Price ¥308,000
Price tags do not include 8% sales tax.

Depth About 2m
Height About 1m62cm
Width About 105cm
Weaving Width 48cm
Treadles 6 treadles
Warp Beam Type 4-Sided Warp Beam Cartridge
Accessory [Four Shaft Counterbalance]
[Texsolv Loop Cord]
[Straight Peg (10pieces)]
[Anchor Peg (10pieces)]
[Tools For Assembly]
[Assembly Manual]
*Shaft is not included.
Sturdier than the smaller size, the 'Large Frame Bench Style Kimono Handloom' is able to produce a durable fabric with high warp tension. Sitting on the floorboard of the loom you will be able to comfortably control the loom using your body weight.

Sturdy Metal Spool Fittingsa?âThick Cloth Beam Sturdy Metal Spool Fittings / Thick Cloth Beam
Sturdy wrapping gear creates a high-tension warp, which allows you to weave a strong fabric.
Wooden Lynchpins For Sturdiness Wooden Lynchpins For Sturdiness
Using wooden lynchpins allows for tight fastening. Once placed they will remain steadfast throughout.

[Shuttle Storage Box Set]

This 'Shuttle Storage Box Set' can be installed directly onto the wooden framework of the loom. It is also easily removable. It can be installed on either side of the loom.

An additional price of 2,835 will be added.

Made Per Order
An experienced professional carefully assembles our handlooms on an order-by-order basis to your specifications. For this reason, orders can take around a month to complete. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.