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Woof Kasuri Picture Production Stand

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Weft Picture Kasuri Ikat Production Frame
Price ¥24,000
Price tags do not include 8% sales tax.
This tool is used to make the guiding thread for the picture kasuri ikat dying process. Operate it by setting the comb reeds on each side of the frame.

[Picture Kasuri Ikat Weft Production Comb Reed (stainless steel)] (2 per set)
Dents Per Kujira: 50
(Dents Per 3.78cm: 50)
Weaving Width: 40.5cm
Overall Width: 43cm

The number of dents in the comb reed can be adjusted to your order specifications. There may be a change in price depending on the number of dents you request.

[Picture Weft Kasuri Ikat Production Frame] 8,000 + [comb reed] 16,000 = 24,000
Content Weft Kasuri Ikat Production Frame
Comb Reed
Board For Obi Production (Kujira 8sun-2bu [31.03cm])
Board For Kimono Production (Kujira 1shaku-4bu [39.36cm])
*Please make a different board for any other interim dimensions.