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Small Frame Bench Style Kimono Handloom
Small Frame Bench Style Kimono Handloom
Small Frame Bench-style
Kimono Handloom
Price ¥238,000
Price tags do not include 8% sales tax.
Depth (long version)
About 1m59cm
(short version)
About 1m19cm
Height About 1m50cm
Width About 85cm
Weaving Width 48cm
Treadles 6 treadles
Warp Beam Type 4-Sided Warp Beam Cartridge
Accessories [Chair]
[Four Shaft Counterbalance]
[Texsolv Loop Cord]
[Straight Peg (10pieces)]
[Anchor Peg (10pieces)]
[Tools For Assembly]
[Assembly Manual]
*Shaft is not included.
Our tools are mainly used for Kimono weaving, but can also be used for weaving torn cloth or many other kinds of tapestries.
The opening of the heddle device is a pulley style, which has an opening at both ends.
Sitting on the floorboard of the loom you will be able to comfortably control the the loom using your body weight.
We offer a versatile assortment of weaving machinery that is both spatially efficient and affordably priced.
We are also able to produce weaving machinery with a width up to 65 cm (although an increase in price may be necessary).

Frame Weight Frame Weight
Using this frame weight device, the frame will return to its original position after beating the weft into place.
Low Set Cloth Beam. Low Set Cloth Beam.
This machine is a type where the finished cloth wraps around the cloth beam after passing around the breast beam. In that way you will be able to produce a fabric of uniform length throughout.
The loom has 6 treadles, and the shafts are left open so it is easy to tie to the heddle. If you use the attached system cord and anchor peg you can easily tie up the shaft and obtain a suitable shed for the shuttle to pass through.
Compact Structure Compact Structure
Thanks to continued design refinement the structure is very compact in size.
Wood Lynchpin・Long-form Screw Wood Lynchpin / Long-form Screw
The use of wood lynchpins and long-form screws allows for a well balanced support structure as well as easy disassembly.

[Octagonal Warp Beam (for floor wrapping)] [Octagonal Warp Beam (for floor wrapping)]
The warp beam can be placed on the floor using wooden pegs to take in the completed warp.
The pegs can be removed if necessary.

The square warp beam can be changed to an octagonal one for a 3,150 increase in price.
[Shuttle Storage Box Set] [Shuttle Storage Box Set]
This 'Shuttle Storage Box Set' can be installed directly onto the wooden framework of the loom. It is also easily removable. It can be installed on either side of the loom.

An additional price of 2,835 will be added.

Made Per Order
An experienced professional carefully assembles our handlooms on an order-by-order basis to your specifications.
For this reason, orders can take around a month to complete. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.