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Bamboo Weft Bobbin Winder

This traditionally designed weft bobbin winder is used by sitting on a cushion placed over the diagonal board for balance. Doing this allows you to use your body weight to operate the bobbin winder in a stable manner.


Goko Swift

Used by placing the skein on the goko swift and then winding the thread using either a bobbin winder or a spool winder. The circumference of the goko swift can be freely adjusted to fit the size of the skein by shifting the cotton threads. It is also easy to dismantle. It can handle skeins of up to about 145cm.

Cotton Roller Gin

Cotton Roller Gin

This tool is used to remove seeds from cotton. It is also known as a gCotton Ginh or a gSeed Removerh. The design of this cotton gin has been continuously improved for 30 years. It is currently being displayed in a number of museums, reference libraries, schools, and workshops.